Seela joins Cybereco

Seela joins Cybereco, with a view to ensuring collaboration on the Canadian territory and promoting Cyber expertise through collaborative work with the various members of the ecosystem. The adjudication of the know-how of the Cybereco members’ ecosystem will increase the coherence of the training contents by putting them in perspective of the technical and professional stakes of the ecosystem and the territory.

Seela – Detecting and training cybersecurity talent

The shortage of cybersecurity profiles is a global consequence of the explosion of cyber attacks within companies. Seela has deployed a platform to train technicians and engineers in cybersecurity, including the detection of new talent.

Amongst the solutions offered by Seela, the CyberTraining solution aims to increase the competence of cyber profiles and reinforce their skills, through more than 750 hours of training and simulation.

Seela also offers a gaming approach to its flagship solution BATTLEH4CK, the name of which is just a hint of the challenges offered by this online gaming platform. BATTLEH4CK provides a fun environment for Cyber talent and future Cyber talent to compete online and in teams, in Capture the Flag events or in Attack and Defense scenarios. BATTLEH4CK has been awarded in Europe and received the first prize for innovation in Cybersecurity in France in 2022.

After winning over 2000 users in France, Seela wants to meet the cybersecurity needs in Canada. Seela has chosen to set up in Montreal in January 2022 and aims to bring together cyber talent in North America and Europe who will be able to compete against the platform’s challenges. BATTLEH4CK’s free premium offer will allow anyone who wishes to do so to connect to the platform and start challenges to gain experience. The ambition is also to rally cyber talent to the platform’s Discord community and to find new brand ambassadors in Canada.

BATTLEH4CK has set up an ELO ranking system that rewards players for their technical skills, their Cyber know-how but especially for their team spirit. The platform offers its B2B clients the possibility to post job offers correlated to the players’ rankings, only accessible to the B2C community of the platform.

Many other customizations are possible on Seela for BATTLEH4CK’s B2B clients such as the creation of internal events.